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Midwest Center for Safe Schools proposes a Bullying – Sexual Harassment – Title IX Compliance education program that targets a wide group of individuals, including students, teachers, and staff operating within the school environment, and parents and the greater community operating outside the school environment.

The proposed program provides training to school staff, educates students regarding
bullying – sexual harassment and its dangers, and addresses the community to raise
awareness and gain support for anti-bullying/sexual harassment school policies. It
is important to educate and engage all of the groups involved with bullying/sexual
harassment activities, including bullies, victims, targets, their peers, and adults.
Presenters will discuss the verbal and nonverbal, direct, indirect, physical, and
emotional expressions of bullying – sexual harassment, the legal ramifications of these
behaviors, and technological (cyber bullying) and other vehicles for these behaviors.
Bystander role will be a point of emphasis.

Main points of presentation will be respect and compassion for those who are targets.

Presentations may include:
* All grades K-12
*All school personnel: Teachers and administrators, all support staff including bus
drivers, custodians, cooks, and paraprofessionals
*Parents and community: parents, community organizations

Suggested Timelines:
Timelines are scheduled by local administrator and flexible to each school.

Elementary Grades (will vary)
60 minutes
Grades 4-6
90 minutes
Grades 7-9
90 minutes
Grades 10-12
90 minutes
Certified Staff
45 minutes
Support Staff
90 minutes
90 minutes

State Presenters:
Byron Utter, 28-year Educator, Administrator, Coach, Athletic Director
Terry Stulken, 35-year Educator, Administrator, Coach, Athletic Director

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Topics We Cover


  • Traditional Bullying
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Facebook and Cell Phones
  • Identifying bullies
  • Sexting (Sextortion)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Civil and Legal Consequences of Bullying
  • Suicide Prevention
Staff/Support Staff
  • Policy/Procedure
  • Title IX
  • Title VI
  • Case Studies
  • Legal Precedence (State Courts and Federal Courts)
  • How to identify if you kid is a bully/target
  • How to talk to your kids about bullying problems (bullies and targets)
  • Today’s Bullying Technology
  • Cyber-defenses (Facebook, Cell Phones, On-line Predators)


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